New Apartment- Nesting (minus the pregnancy part) and some Feng Shui (or lack of)

I chose the word nesting because the word reminds me of being a free little bird snuggling into my nest. I can hardly contain my excitement for moving into my new place. Oh yes, the decorating has begun! but along with all my stuff being brought into my apartment comes the harsh reality of classes starting again..yikes. Beginning my sophomore year has already brought about some changes for me and I know there are plenty more ahead. For example, I have completely discontinued communication with my old room mate. I already was nervous about living with a set of strangers my first year, especially the yappy sorority type (sorry to offend any of you readers, just don’t really seem to click with people of those characteristics). Sharing a living space in any situation can be difficult for me because I appreciate my space. However, it was a whole new task having to share my actual bedroom with another human being. I haven’t experienced that since I used to have bunk bed’s with my older sister and let me tell you, even at the tender age of 6.. that wasn’t a walk in the park either. And at such a rough time, a new chapter in my life, my personal space was exceptionally important to me as a freshman. That ended up being it’s own set of problems that luckily dissolved as soon as I arrived back to school. We’ll save that for another day. My room mates this year happen to be pretty interesting. Ironically, the one I thought would be a party girl turns out to be somewhat of a hermit living inside her room most of the time to study. Meanwhile, the one I thought seemed innocent and somewhat prude happens to have a semi-serious drinking problem and is pretty popular with the guys (if ya know what I’m saying). But if there’s anything you’ll learn from reading my posts, it’s that I hardly judge anyone. I don’t really notice people’s differences or harp on them for that matter. Even fashion-wise, I normally admire diversity and freedom of expression- unless they’re wearing something god awful and tacky, and in which case my subconscious can’t help but cringe.. and still in this case, I rarely comment on it. I became a strong advocate for the inspirational phrase “let your freak flag fly” pretty early on in life.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic and beginning to rant about my middle school thoughts about life- which believe me, none of you want to hear this early on. But back to nesting, yes! I wasn’t exactly sure how to decorate this year. Last year I had the smallest space imaginable to work with while most of my room was covered in ADPi stickers and pictures. However, I made it work. I was able to still put up my Urban Outfitters tapestry and string some lights on my side of the room. We looked to be total opposites when anyone walked in the room (just as we were). Not to mention, most southerners that found their way to our bedroom expressed their confusion for my side by saying either “what’s that sheet on your wall?” or my favorite.. “why do you have a rug on your wall?”. Come on people, calling a sheet is way more fitting than calling it a rug, but have you really never seen one? I guess not. Surprisingly, I come back this year and I’m noticing a lot more than I did before. Not saying I started a trend or anything (ha though I might’ve, I like to think so). But honestly, I think it’s just this whole new “hippy-indie” interest that seems to be sweeping the population as what’s popular- even though until recently it was viewed as the alternative. But getting off track again..curse my ADD..

I’ve never really been good at decorating a space. I don’t seem to have an eye for it like my mother does. I wish her talents of being able to pick matching decorations and create a mood for a room had somehow trickled down to me, instead of her bad financial habits and lack of organization. But no, instead I try my best to make sense of all the mismatch stuff I acquire from various stores and then hope it all looks somewhat put-together in the end. I don’t usually go for a color scheme either, although I prefer darker colors with some lighter accents. That last sentence almost made it sound like I have an ounce of decorative knowledge, didn’t it? Truth is, I need probably need some guidance. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to “feng shui” my living space. I once did some research on that idea actually. I completely agree that the way items are positioned in a room can be comfortable or uncomfortable, but I’m not sure if I buy the whole “it creates energy and changes your whole outlook on life” thing. But like most things, I decided to investigate for myself. It all seemed like classic, sound interior design advice and I started to think maybe this would be a good basis to start. That was until I read about a “no television in the bedroom” rule. That one really threw me. I mean I’m all for less technically, get involved with more outdoor activities, find yourself and be with friends sorta thing but it is the 21st century after all. I believe I reserve the right to have ample amounts of energy invested in my bedroom while still being able to catch an episodes of friends every now and then, am I right? My verdict is that this whole Feng Shui stuff is a bunch of Feng Shit. Okay okay, perhaps I’m being a little dramatic and in all fairness, i’ll probably give the old Chinese way of design a shot sometime. For now, I just enjoy my quality television programs too much- such as my guilty pleasure Dating Naked. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must. You’re more than likely to feel embarrassed just by watching the show and at times you may not be able to take the awkwardness it presents, but I promise you’ll feel the need to watch another episode. It’s just so entertaining.

As for now, all I have is my bedding, some accent pillows, and some pretty cool posters in my opinion. One of my posters is a picture of Bob Marley smoking a blunt- utterly classic. The second is an epic collage of beetles characters placed with other trippy drawings labeled the Yellow Submarine poster, of course. Lastly, is a small poster that says something so essential to our everyday existence, a quote that although altered a bit, still inspires me to make the most of everyday. This poster is also a representation of my naturally crude nature assisted by a small fragment of latin literature. I’ll post in underneath so you all can appreciate it and I hope you do as much as I do. Other than that, I have some small lights stringed above my headboard for when I’m craving the perfect amount of dim lighting before I go to bed, or incase I forget what age I am- since they seem to be extremely common among teen bedrooms these days (trust me, check any Pottery Barn magazine. Teen edition). However, I do hope to buy a painting soon from an artist I discovered in West Virginia. Her name is Casey Shaw and her work in a word is- amazing. She paints some things are are so unimaginably beautiful, being that they are so raw. Her paintings do often include nudity, which I think is pretty badass- but just be aware incase any of you aren’t particularly into that or scared off by it. But look her up if you’re feeling curious. While I figure out what to do next with my humble abode, I’m going to keep blogging. So stay tuned!





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